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Bentonville, Arkansas

What a surprise this one was. I've been visiting Bentonville for the last six years on business trips. Probably make 5-8 trips a year here. My last trip down, I was invited to dinner with some colleagues who were staying at the hotel right across the street from where I always stay. Lo and behold, as I walked up to the front door of their hotel, I look across the way and there sits a little cemetery. Hidden from the main road by a litte restaurant. Well, needless to say, I had to grab the camera and grab a few shots before dinner.

I looked up the cemetery in the Benton County Cemeteries book. Bentonville is one of the fastest growing communities in the US right now. The book, which was printed in the 1970's, lists the cemetery as sitting on a farm. Obviously, this farm no longer exists, and urban sprawl has taken it's toll. Thankfully, the cemetery was preserved and is now listed on the US Register of Historic Places.

GPS Coordinates
36° 20' 02" N
94° 11' 13" W