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Fayetteville, Arkansas

I went to dinner in Fayetteville one evening after I'd finished my meetings. As usual, I had the GPS unit tell me if I was near any cemeteries... and I saw there were two right near each other. So I decided to visit them after dinner. It was getting late, and all I had was my cell phone camera, so the quality of these photos is not the greatest.

I know nothing of the history on these cemeteries. The next time I'm in the area and have some spare time, I'll stop by the library and do a little research. Walker Cemetery sits across the driveway from Confederate Cemetery. This cemetery was quite interesting, to say the least. It has a large fenced in portion housing many members of the Walker family. As I approached the cemetery, I noticed a horribly overgrown area off to the left of the cemetery with a fence. As I peered through some breaks in the greenery, I saw a gravestone inside this fence. I'm sure this was a family plot and my guess is there are other graves inside the fence. Behind this overgrown plot, I saw another fence completely overgrown with vines... and sticking out of the top was an obelisk marking another family plot. I've added this cemetery to my "visit in the fall/winter" list... as I'd like to see how many graves are hidden behind all the growth.

GPS Coordinates
36° 03' 39" N
94° 09' 04" W