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On a recent business trip to Dallas, I had some time in the evenings after my meetings to visit the more historic areas of downtown. There are four cemeteries all somewhat bounding each other in the uptown area. Greenwood, Calvary, Emanu-El, and Freedman's Cemeteries all date back to the Civil War era and contain a huge history of Dallas. I was able to visit all but Freedman's Cemetery before the sun set. I've included many of the pictures here for you. It's quite interesting as to how the cemeteries, though all in close proximity, maintained segregation. Greenwood was pretty much only for white Anglo-Saxon protestants. Calvary was a place of interment for European Catholics. Freedman's Cemetery was the final resting place for many Africans and African-Americans. And Emanu-El is one of the oldest Jewish burial grounds in Dallas.

If you are ever in the area, the Uptown Dallas tourism folks have an office right near the entrance to Greenwood Cemetery. They have a walking tour map that will take you through all four cemeteries and point you to many of the more historical landmarks. Their website is located at...