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Dallas, Texas

Calvary Cemetery is predominantly European Catholic. It boasts a variety of beautiful and ornate stones. One of the more interesting burials is that of Rev. Jeffrey Aloysius Hartnett, the rector of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. His tombstone reads that he was a martyr. His story goes that in the winter of 1899, a smallpox epidemic caused panic in Dallas. People who contracted the disease were shuttled to the "pest house," the city's quarantine hospital, to await death. On a wintry night that February, Rev. Hartnett went to the quarantine hospital to administer the last rites to smallpox victims, contracting the disease himself and dying a few days later, just as the outbreak eased its grip on Dallas.

One of four historic cemeteries in Uptown Dallas. These four cemeteries house a lot of the city's early settlers, and all are well maintained. Uptown Dallas is a trendy urban development area, so my guess is that the cemeteries will continue to be kept in good repair, as they add a certain niche to the location. There is a visitor bureau office in the area and they offer printed maps guiding you through a walking tour off all four cemeteries.