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Mill Creek, West Virginia

The Buckner family cemetery sits atop a hill in Kanawha County, West Virginia. It is along Mill Creek Road, which is just off of WV-114 running along the Elk River.

While the cemetery is made up mostly of Buckners and their descendants, there are a lot of folks from this small rural community buried here. I thought the cemetery was no longer active, but I found a couple of very recent graves, so looks like it's still in use. Many of the graves date back into the 1800s.

I found this cemetery because of my own family research. A number of my relatives are in this cemetery. One of the interesting things I always remembered from visiting this cemetery as a child were the coffin shaped stones on top of some of the graves. I was always told that it was to keep caskets from floating to the surface when the water levels would rise. Since this cemetery is on top of a steep hill, I kinda doubt it... but who knows.