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Romance, West Virginia

The Lanham family cemetery is located near Sissonville, WV. To access it, you exit I-77 at the Haines Branch Road exit and head north on Route 21 just a short distance to Romance-Advent Rd (CR 42). This road winds back into the hills and shortly past a large church campground you come to a fork in the road. The right hand fork winds back and across a bridge. You can park on the other side of the bridge and follow the trail along the creek back into the woods. Shortly before a clearing, a trail leads you up the hill to another clearing. Continue heading upwards and another tree lined trail appears leading to the cemetery on top of the hill. A good pair of hiking boots/shoes are recommended.

This cemetery is still active. I attended a funeral for an aunt here about two years ago. It was definitely an experience. They had to load the casket on the back of a trailer attached to a four-wheeler to pull it up to the cemetery. No local roads go up the hill, only old logging roads.

The other interesting part of this cemetery are some of the markers. Family members have built wooden boxes and filed them with flowers.

GPS Coordinates
38° 34' 45" N
81° 35' 37" W