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Williamsburg, Virginia

I saw this cemetery on my map and thought I'd check it out. Eastern State Hospital is the oldest psychiatric hospital in the United States. Visit wiki for more detailed history of the hospital.

This is such a sad cemetery. When you first enter, there is a monument dedicated to all those who died at the hospital. Considering it's been open since 1770, who knows where exactly all these folks were buried. The monuments list over 1,000 names. And, as you look around, it looks just like a rolling field with a few random gravestones. As I walked across the field to look at one lone marker near the edge of the property. As I looked down, I noticed a half buried stone flush to the ground. On closer inspection, I see what looks like the number 584. Then I realized, this was a marker for patient 584, no name. So sad...

As I looked around, I began to notice lots of stones like this, mostly buried in the ground. I'm sure a lot of the names on the main entrance monuments are linked to these numbers somehow.

GPS Coordinates
37° 15' 20" N
76° 42' 35" W