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Osborne Graves – Bluefield, WV

A list of Osborne's buried near Bluefield, WV.


Maple Hill Cemetery in Bluefield, Va.

Osborne, Anne Grey 6/12/1840—9/12/1928 -&- Martha Burke 9/15/1868-11/21/1931 -&-
Wiley Jones 9/10/1874—4/15/1957 -& Alice Derne 1886—1916 -&- Tempe
Joyner 5/1/1874—12/15/1971 -&- Andrew Joyner Eppes 1855—1918 -&-
Thomas Atkinson 2/28/1870—5/10/1946 -&-Louise Derne 1884—1928 -&-
Nelly Grey 5/12/1875—1/16/1923 & Nita Grey 3/12/1877—11/30/1961 -&-
Caroline Winder 5/30/1881—1/5/1949 ****ALL ON THE SAME STONE**
Osborne, Beverly Ann 11/25/1950—5/23/1954 d/o T. G. & Louise
Osborne, Billy Eugene 7/11/1929—8/24/1930 s/o Mr. & Mrs. R. L.
Osborne, James Dale 1942—4/6/2004 (s/o Herman Andrew & Fat Ramsey Osborne)
Osborne, James M. 2/25/1905–11/7/1951 -&- Bessie T. 1/10/1908–12/22/1969
Osborne, James Sampson 3/5/1879—-1/3/1951 (Mercer DR—s/o Madison L. & Sallie French Osborne)
Osborne, James William 10/11/1944—2/13/1947 s/o T. G. & Louise
Osborne, Katie Carico 2/1/1907—3/7/1999 w/o William Love
Osborne, Mary Elizabeth 5/21/1879—10/11/1946 w/o J. S.
Osborne, Minnie Sawyers 7/8/1878—11/8/1937 (w/o William Wesley Osborne)
Osborne, Robert Lee 1891—1973
Osborne, Rosa E. 5/5/1877—2/20/1953
Osborne, Samuel K. 2/12/1874—7/21/1946
Osborne, Theodore G. Sr. 3/19/1912-10/27/1981 -&- Louise Wirtz No Dates
Osborne, William Wesley 7/3/1863—8/27/1947 (Mercer DR s/o William & Nancy Austin Osborne—h/o Ida Perdue)
Osborne, William E. 12/23/1910 d. — -&- Kathleen B. 3/25/1921—12/3/2003
(d/o Edgar & Dorthy Hawley Burnz)
Osborne, William Love 10/26/1902—7/30/1957
Osburn, John Henry Jr. 12/7/1913–4/22/1964 W. Va. Tec% HQ Co. 1 Armored Div. WW II
-&- Barbara V. 5/12/1902—3/28/1990

Osborne Graves at Grandview Cemetery in Bluefield, Va.

Osborne, Audrey 11/16/1911—-12/5/1987
Osborne, Bessie R. 12/11/1895—-8/31/1965
Osborne, Bobby Joe 4/9/1960—–3/8/2005 & Brenda Osborne Howery 1954———
Osborne, Charlie E. 1904—1963 & Clercie V. 1905—–1963
Osborne, Harry A. 1937—-2002 & Margaret A. 1939——–
Osborne, Harvey Green 4/22/1935—-10/19/1997
Osborne, Sherman A. 1934——– & Lavia F. 1935——-

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Dr. William Egbert Osborne

I am a great-great grandaughter of Dr. William Egbert Osborne, who lived much of his life in Curdsville, Buckingham County, VA. He died across the county line into Albemarle County, specifically in Scottsville. I don't know when or where he was born, but it would have been around 1800. He graduated from Jefferson Medical College, in Philadelphia in 1826. He died of typhoid fever in 1894; I have found several dates, either in Feb. or Aug. Despite years of family research, no one has been able to locate his parents, birth date or birth place. The best guess is that he is kin to Thomas Osborne, also of Buckingham Co., but that may not be so. He may have had a brother who went west (Neb. or Kansas?) right after the War Between the States and who may have also been named Thomas. He married Anne "Nannie" Eppes. dtr. of Willie Jones Eppes (descendents of John Wayles Eppes) 12 Jun 1866, at The Grove, in Halifax Co., NC. They had 8 children, including my great grandfather William Egbert Osborne.

Please contact me if you have any ideas about Dr. William Egbert Osborne.

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Where to Research

Where is the best place to find information? Well, in today's information age, you'll find lots of data in lots of places. My recommendation, start with the reputable sources.

If you want to do online research, check out websites such as or Both have a lot of basic resources to help you get started for free. If you want the detailed information, you'll have to pony up some cash though and subscribe to their sites. Another great place for information that is becoming more and more available… state and local government offices. Many larger cities now have online research tools that let you look up information. For example, one phenomenal tool available via West Virginia's Archives department is the ability to look up birth, death, and marriage certificates online. It is a project that is monumental in size and they are continually adding additional years of data to each county. Their website is found at

By far, the more cumbersome method, but still the one with most information available… libraries! Many local libraries offer local genealogies. Some, such as the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana, offer a much larger research base.

Finally, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka the Mormon Church) houses extensive genealogy records in their library in Salt Lake City, Utah. They have a website which will allow you to do a lot of research as well. It can be found at

These are just the beginning of a list of tools you can use in your own family hunt. Now get out there and start digging!