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I started this site mainly to preserve genealogy information. I am very much into knowing my family history, where I came from, and so forth. I first got into researching my family history as part of a class project in college in the early 1990’s. What I found was a giant puzzle with a lot of missing pieces. Now, decades later, I’m still looking for some of those pieces. But, I have found a few over the years as well!! A lot of it was because of people on message boards and other genealogy forums.

This is just my way of giving back a little and hopefully helping some others out there find the missing piece in their puzzle.

This site is here to help maintain the Osborne family genealogy. While the main focus is the Osborne lineage in West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina, all Osborne information is gladly welcome. For that matter, any genealogical discussions are free to be pursued here and in our forums.

We provide a discussion forum, so please sign up for an account. It’s free and we don’t use your information for anything other than maintaining a space for you here. We also have a photo gallery where pictures of ancestors can be displayed, along with many cemetery photos.  If you’d like to e-mail photos for me to post, feel free!  Send your e-mail to genealogy at osborneonline dot net.

Please enjoy your time here. I’m glad you stopped by!

Brian Osborne, Webmaster