Category: Genealogy

  • Osborne Diaries Available

    I received the following email from a site visitor named John. I want to offer diaries from four members of the Osborne family (father William) who lived in Fulton, N.Y. in the 1800s. There are diaries from 1869, 1890, 1882, 1883, 1899 and 1897. Free to whoever wants these treasures! If you are interested, shoot […]

  • My Genealogy Trek

    Genealogy was once a topic I thought I would never approach.  Then, in the early 1990's, I was assigned a genealogy research project as part of a sociology class in college.  From that point on, my mind was changed! What was it that changed genealogy from a dry topic to something exciting? Beginning to learn […]

  • Where to Research

    Where is the best place to find information? Well, in today's information age, you'll find lots of data in lots of places. My recommendation, start with the reputable sources. If you want to do online research, check out websites such as or Both have a lot of basic resources to help you get […]